We live in an age of increasing administrative control over academic content and ownership. Furthermore, there are greater demands being placed upon those of us who are employed in academies of higher learning to develop innovative and cost effective means of collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. I hold dear the basic tenets of academic freedom. I believe that those people who are dedicated to teaching and research in the social and natural sciences should be free to develop high impact academic teaching and research materials without the threat of those materials being co-opted by greedy administrators and corrupt corporate education providers. To this end I have elected to construct this teaching and research web site.

The content you will find on this site is independent of any institution or organization that I may be employed with. The content on this site is not subject to any rules or regulations other than those outlined within Canadian law and the "Data and Privacy Policy" I have devised for this site.

Please enjoy the materials and resources I have provided in the spirit that they are intended.